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Colon cancer gene expression | Genomic Health

Posted Jun 24 2008 11:08am

The producers (Genomic Health) of breast cancer recurrence 21 gene expression testOncotype DX(launched in 2004) recently reported the results of two studies, which found genes that could help predict the likelihood of recurrence of and chemotherapy benefit for early-stage colon cancer (via).

Results of the studies were presented January 26, 2008 atASCOGI, the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium, in Orlando, Florida.

Both study reports used Genomic Health’s quantitative RT-PCR to analyze RNA expression for 375 cancer-related and reference genes from colon tumors of patients who were treated with surgery alone or with surgery and adjuvant5-fluorouracil/leucovorin(5-FU/LV) chemotherapy (ref.).

In first study (765 + 270 patients) and researchers found 65 genes significantly associated with colon cancer recurrence across - the individual gene expression was associated with an up to 11-fold difference in the risk of disease recurrence (via).

The second study analyzed colon cancers from an additional 508 patients who were treated with surgery plus 5-FU/LV chemotherapy. Fifty six genes were discovered that were significantly associated with disease prognosis for stage II and III colon cancer

Fifteen of the 56 genes were also used as a preliminary model to stratify patients into recurrence-risk categories (via).

Overall, Genomic Health has completed four independent studies involving 1,851 colon cancer patients to evaluate a total of 761 genes. This data will support the selection of the final gene set (ref).

Not long is to wait for the new test (an analog to breast cancer Oncotype DX) to personalize treatment decisions for early-stage colon cancer patients.

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