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Closing down the clinic.

Posted Aug 19 2009 6:32pm
It seems I closed down the clinic tonight. The blood bank made a mistake and did not irradiate the second bag of platelets like they need to be. After it arrived here and the mistake was caught, it had to be sent back. This takes time, lots of time to travel and do this. So it was picked up and I am now waiting in the recovery surgery unit with two nurses who are here still and who will finish my transfusion when it comes. This is where they put you when there is no one else here and I am appreciative that they are willing to stay, they are charting and catching up and I am emailing. This is not usual, but if it is unusual it will happen to me. I was to get two bags
and they wanted me to get it tonight, as tomorrow the lab is closed and to try and make arrangements for someone to do it would be near impossible, and I do not want to come back again after being here all day anyways. Being admitted to wait for the transfusion was not something I was willing to do, I have spent enough time inpatient here thank you very much and so I am here with two nice ladies, who even went and found me a sandwich and a drink and made me comfy while we are waiting for the platlets to arrive. And they brought two in case someone else was with me, the one time Steven is not with me - he is always looking for a good turkey sandwich:)

In the meantime my family spent the night having pizza together and picking out paint so we can start putting our home back together. The walls are back, mold is gone, outside is almost fixed and being painted. In order to move back in over next two weeks, it will need to be painted, the the wood floor reinstalled in my bedroom, and put our master bathroom back to one piece which has been gutted to no pieces as of right now. Then have it cleaned from all construction dust. It is alot of work, but once we go home it will have all been worth it, knowing we are going home to a healthy home. Everyone is more than ready to go, it has been two months, and we are missing the comforts of just our own home. The kids are ready for their rooms and toys, and just being in their own environment, and so are we. There is nothing like your own bed and I am missing mine alot.

Now that I have had a few quiet hours of rest, and time to catch up on my emails and blog, I think I am ready to go home now, sleep is calling and I don't care whose bed it is!
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