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Clinical trial tests omega 3 supplementation for the prevention of disease progression in MGUS, SMM and early-stage CLL…

Posted Mar 19 2011 3:00pm

For the past couple of days, whenever possible, I have been working on what I consider to be an important post, but today I simply couldn’t deal with it (one of the studies is driving me bonkie bonka bonkers), so I decided to take some time off and have a quick look at the Clinical Trials website…and wowwowwow!, I made some interesting discoveries, one of which I will share with you immmmmmediately…

This link  will take you to a clinical trial testing the theory that omega 3 supplementation might prevent MGUS and SMM folks from progressing to active myeloma…How about THAT? But wait a sec…how did I NOT know about this trial?!!! Hmmm. Well, better late than never…right?

Let’s see, I already take two grams of fish oil/day…and if it weren’t so late in the day, and if I didn’t have to hurry so that I can catch the 8 PM news about Libya and Japan, I would (try to) calculate my EPA/DHA ratio compared to the trial’s ratio…Oh well…tomorrow…

This, by the way, is a Phase II trial, which is performed on a larger group of people once the safety of the substance/drug being tested has been ascertained in a Phase I trial…And it is still recruiting…

Now, I don’t suppose any of you would happen to be in this trial and wouldn’t mind posting a quick report or whatnot, eh? :-)

Written by Margaret

March 19th, 2011 at 12:00 pm

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