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Chills and Fever

Posted Mar 19 2010 12:00am

It's been very busy since this morning one thing after another. The culture tests were taken since Tuesday. These test are blood taken to lab and they have cultures grown to determine what type of infection it could be running in the blood. These test came back today all clear of any blood infection. The chills are very aggressive followed by high fevers which has Doctors puzzled because the test have come back negative for any blood infections.

The Infection Experts have been called to take a look at his case and pin point where the infection could be coming from.

Marco has had no sleep since last night all night up with fever and chills. Physical Therapy took him for his walk and then arm movements. The took chest tube line out and checked to see if there was any infection at the site but all was clear. He was taken off oxygen to have him feel more comfortable and not so agitated. They are doing a ultrasound of his legs to see if there is a blood clot just as a precaution. Just try to find what is going on.

So just taken it day to day to see what happens hoping the chills and fever will subside and give him much needed rest he needs.

It's not easy seeing Marco go through all this....usually we have answers right away and this time the doctors seem almost APENDJADOS to what is going on. Tomorrow is another day....

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