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Chemo Day

Posted Jul 01 2009 6:38pm
Just got back from chemo and everything went well. My sister was visiting from out of town so I had company for the four hours. It was a nice change and I really appreciated it.

My research nurse came for a visit because we couldn't get a reasonable blood pressure reading yesterday. I have it taken on my thigh because of my mastectomy and PICC line. Blood pressure readings are not recommended on the mastectomy side because it may bring on arm lymphedema. And on my left arm, I have the PICC line. The problem with taking blood pressure on the thigh is that it tends to read higher. We took a few readings and the third one was a charm.

While the research nurse was there, I asked her about my arterial blood gas test that revealed an elevated acidic blood PH. She felt the PH was high because I have fluid on my lungs and the body was compensating by making my blood more acidic. There is nothing that can be done to change that.

Regarding my onoycholysis a.k.a. chemo nails, I decided to try holding on to two water bottles to keep my fingers cooler and slow down circulation. When the chemo nurse came around I asked her about this. Her opinion was that it was too late in my case because the damage to my finger nails had already been done. But if I wanted to do it anyways, she recommended that I use ice packs only on the top of my nails.

That is all for now ...

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