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Cervical Cancer Vaccine???

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:34am

This is a very important article and I encourage you all to read it. In this article the recent Nobel Prize winner speaks about Cervical Cancer, HPV and the current vaccination. I am shocked at how misinformed women AND Gynecologists are about the vaccine.

I talk about cervical cancer to whoever will listen. Daily I am reminded that the majority of women are completely misinformed. Not only are every day women misinformed shockingly so are gynecologists. When I tell women that in fact the current vaccine will not work for them if they are sexually active I am met with resistance. "My gyno told me that as long as I'm under 26 the vaccine is good for me" -WRONG! If you are interested in becoming informed about the current vaccine read the article, share the article, talk about the article!!

Furthermore, the vaccine is much too expensive! This is a vaccine that can prevent CANCER! Its the first and only vaccine out there that can prevent cancer. Cancer effects the rich the middle class and the poor. It is completely unfair that only the wealthy are allowed to protect themselves against this cancer, ridiculous!

Also, for the men out there reading this blog. YOU CAN GET THE VACCINE TOO! Over 90% of men are hpv carriers. This means they too should get the vaccine and stop transmitting the hpv virus to women. Most people are unaware that men can also get the vaccine.

As always I appreciate all your support and willingness to learn ever day!

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