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Cervical Cancer Health Care Update!

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:34am

I got a text from my sister, Arbra over at Just Call Me Sleep Deprived, yesterday. She told me that I needed to check something out and so I did. I am so happy to see that there are advancements going on with regards to cervical cancer. Being a cervical cancer survivor who went misdiagnosed and mistreated I do everything I can to help other women learn how to advocate for themselves. However, thats a hard thing to do when there are few options. Well, here is a new one and it sounds pretty great!

There is a new MRI that is being used to diagnose Cervical Cancer. Just like other cancer Cervical Cancer has different stages. The higher in the alphebet and the lower the number better. Mine, unfortunately was neither, 3b not a good number. The sooner cervical cancer is caught the better chance one has of surviving it and doing so with less secondary damage. Being able to have children, not getting early menopause, avoiding painful treatments etc...all just some of the benefits of catching cervical cancer early.

Many people are misinformed regarding cervical cancer and how bad it is. I remember, not long ago, when I told somone I had cervical cancer their response was: "well thats not one of the bad ones thank god" WRONG! If you are reading this PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Cervical Cancer is the #2 cancer killer of women behing Breast!! Its treatments are more severe than breast (both are horrible by the way) Radiation to your cervix means radiation to your bladder, digestive system, colon etc....that means all those organs are damaged. Many women who receive radiation for cervical cancer come out of it having to use colposcopy bags, nephrostomy bags, tools to keep the vaginal entry open (scar tissue closes it up), going through menopause, being unable to have kids and the list goes on.

Do NOT let Cervical Cancer happen to YOU OR YOUR DAUGHTER!! Please read this article and learn about an easy way to get early detection for Cervical Cancer.

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