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Catching Up ~ Day -5, -4 & -3 ~

Posted Nov 10 2009 10:02pm
The last few day seem to have gotten away from me and I see I am behind in my post. Sunday Day-5 was a day of rest, no chemo or radiation, just regular meds. Monday Day -4 was day one of total body radiation. It sounds scary and I wont lie it was until after first session. The unknown of what is happening, etc. mixed with all that is going on already made it hard. I handled it OK, the positioning you have to stay in is very uncomfortable and the first session took longer to set up, etc. I survived and even went back for 2nd round last night. We made some sitting modifications, and used more tape, they tape your legs, feet and hands into position, mixed that with some pain medication and a relaxing ativan and things went much smoother. It does not hurt, you feel nothing, just have to be patient while you are being radiated and sitting absolutely still.

This morning bright and early was day 2 and session 3, we did same things as last night and it works, I am able to get through it without anxiety or pain and that makes world of difference. Two and a half more days to go and Friday is the big transplant day! Excited to be finally at this point and also nervous once again of the unknown part of it, but then on to recovery, being proud we made it this far and got through transplant and those baby cells can get in there and make me a new healthy immune system.

The kids with Steve, Mom and Mom's friend Darlene visited last night, they are really cute when they visit, esp in their warm little pj's. they take this quiet room and turn it into a whirlwind in a second, lol just like at home, but how else would it be? I miss being at home with them so much, it is so quiet here in this hospital and tehre is only so much i can do to keep busy, but when you go from being a working, productive mom to sitting around pretty much non stop it takes yhou back. I am trying to enjoy the down time,I know once I get home that willl not be the case, but I do miss my day to day routine at home alot.

Thank you for all the contineued prayers, it makes me smile to see messages and prayers coming my way - they are working and making this process do able for me and my family.
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