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Catching up and being home

Posted Dec 10 2009 5:29am
Well I been home for a few days now, and there are not many opportunities to get on the computer. Overall I am doing excellent, according to my doctors I am out of hospital and engrafted two weeks early, my numbers are doing well, I am feeling pretty good, they are overall really pleased. My days are busy because I have to go each day to the Bone Marrow Clinic and get my blood tested, then I have to wait an hour for the results, then wait for them to be read by my doctor to see if I need any red blood or platelet transfusions, if you do then you get that, then my wbc shot. On average every day I been there four hours each day. Yesterday by the time we got home I was so blurry eyed I hit the bed and did not move for two hours. It takes alot out of me walking around there, so the evenings I spend exhausted. I have to have an iv of magnesium each night, the nurse came and taught Steven how to hook me up, so our evenings are spent waiting for that to drip and then falling into bed. I have alot of pills to take four times a day, I am doing ok with them but they are an adjustment to take so many so many times a day. So I am completely exhausted, but try to spend the time I am awake with the kids, who are more than thrilled that I am home. It is wonderful even if i can not care or do much with them to just be home and watching them, the hugs are great and snuggles. During my nap yesterday, Olivia kept coming in and rubbing my face and kissing me, she is so sweet. My energy level is very low so getting on the computer is not something I am doing much, I will update when I can.

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers, they have brought us through the hardest part and are still carrying us through my long recovery.
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