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Carcinogenesis: Do you know Garlic have antitumor efficacy and how?

Posted Aug 04 2012 8:10am

Recent research has shown that garlic has the effectiveness of preventing and treating tumors and cancer. The germanium and selenium in Garlic and other elements can inhibit tumor cellsand cancer cellsgrowth.Early experiments found that among the crowd of the population who with the lowest incidence of cancer ,there is the highest selenium content in the blood. The American National Cancer Institute argue that garlic is the plant that have world's most anti-cancer potential.

Garlic-derived organic sulfur compounds (OSCS), including diallyl sulfide, is well known with a variety of health benefits.A recent study reported that its unique selective antiproliferative effect in cancer chemoprevention and treatment  presents a very large development prospects

Another  research reported that the Disulfide,di-2-propenyl can block early mitosis and induce apoptosis. But the underlying molecular mechanism has not yet been fully elucidated. The study data show that the diallyltetrasulfide acts independently of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and tubulin represents one of its major cellular targets. Microtubules depolymerization  can prevent the formation of normal spindle microtubules, resulting in G2 / M arrest.The data suggest that diallyltetrasulfide can activate JNK, mediating the phosphorylation of anti-apoptotic protein Bcl-2 and expression of downstream protein ,and then playing  a antiproliferative efficacy.
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