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Cancer Free Friday: let’s love rain

Posted May 11 2012 5:01am

If you’re in the UK, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a lot of rain lately. Which wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t May. Every morning I take a look at my pretty new sandals, bought in a fit of optimism during the hot 3 days of April, before pulling on my boots for another day of dashing from the house to the studio being amazed by how wet you can get in twenty yards.

So this morning, I thought I’d have a bash at thinking up some reasons to love the rain. Please, join in in the comments. (Unless your house is flooded, your car is under water, your kitchen ceiling has collapsed under weight of water, or similar, in which case you are exempt, and perfectly entitled to snarl and grouse and ignore me.)

I love the rain because:

1. I get to do my whole dress-and-flat-boots thing for a bit longer. Which is, let’s be honest, not unlike getting to wear a nightie and slippers all day.

2. Northern places built of grey and beige stone glow and hum with life when they are wet.

3. When you don’t have to go anywhere, sitting inside listening to rain on the windows feel extra-comfortable and warm.

4. When you do have to go somewhere, there’s a good chance you’ll see a small child jumping in a puddle.

5. If you have access to a small child, you get to play at jumping in puddles yourself.

6. Prolonged rain cancels out the traditional ‘don’t talk to anyone in case they think you are weird/mad’ rule, so you get to chat to people in doorways, in coffee shops, during dashes through car parks.

7. The garden has grown every time you look at it, like that thing with a new baby when you put it down for a sleep and when you go back two hours later, those li’l feet are practically breaking through the bottom of the babygro.

8. Rainy weather is good writing weather, and reading weather, and knitting weather. All of which suit me very well.

9. When I go for my head-clearing after-writing forty minute walk through the fields, my walking boots make fabulous squelching, squerching noises, and there’s something about those noises that make me madly, laugh-out-loud, disproportionately happy.

10. There might be a rainbow.

Over to you…. Why do you like the rain?

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