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Cancer Free Friday: cancer free

Posted Mar 23 2012 6:01am

There’s no better day than a Cancer Free Friday to tell you about my visit to oncology, yesterday, because I heard the magic words ‘everything’s fine’ and got my ‘watchful waiting continues’ box ticked again. Oh yes I did.

Dr. Handsome (for it was he) was helpful and answered all of my questions: no sign of my mammogram yet, no, it’s not a geniticky sort of a cancer (I’d always assumed someone would tell me if it was, but assumptions can be dangerous), and the best thing to do with my tooth is to take it to my GP and get him to refer me for further treatment.

My breasts behaved impeccably during the examination, which is more than they did last year – I don’t think anyone was convinced by my asking whether it was cold in here – and we were leaving the hospital half an hour after we arrived.

The sun shone, and I spent the rest of the day feeling relieved and knackered and thinking about writing while knitting.

So. It’s a lovely cancer free Friday. Here’s a little song to celebrate. I find it ludicrously, delightfully cheering, and I love Paul Simon’s little cross-chest dance move, which transforms him from a musical genius to a boy trying to hard with a girl he likes at a party, in a second.

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