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Cancer Free Friday: arms warmed

Posted Sep 21 2012 5:32am

I have knitted me some armwarmers.

(The photo above was an attempt to look quite cowgirl-ish and camp, although I comes over a little bit ‘must you take my photo’…. which is not how I was feeling, as I had asked Alan to take the photos in the first place.)

I’m pleased with them because they fit and I like the colours and it’s getting chilly so they are perfect for wearing when typing or driving. (Even if the rest of me is warm, my hands are often cold.)

But I am most pleased with them because I spun the yarn myself. After a year and a bit of  intermittent spinning, I have been able to produce something that, although lumpy and bumpy, is knittable-with, and in a big enough quantity to do something useful with.

(Insert Carneige Hall Joke here.)

As you read this, I am away for a few days, and as I travel I will be knitting with yarns so fine and smooth that I cannot ever imagine I could create them. But maybe one day…

(Details of the pattern for the armwarmers are here .)

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