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Can your attitude effect your health?

Posted Nov 30 2011 2:53pm

If you do an internet search you will find people who say the answer is: 
Yes, it does.
Here are a couple of good examples: Unfortunately, just having a positive attitude isn’t the only thing you need to stay healthy.  You can have a very positive attitude and still have health problems.   Check out Readers Digest and Proverbs 17:22  (me paraphrasing): Laughter is the best medicine ”: but depression can make you feel sick.
You know, I have never seen a dead person with a smile on their face.  Sorry, I digress so easily. Yesterday, I had a BMT doctor appointment in Ann Arbor (we made it home before the snowstorm hit ).  My blood counts were almost perfect.  I am making some progress fighting off the chronic Graft verses Host Disease (cGvHD).  My doctor increased the Gleevec®  medicine to 100 mg twice per day, because I am tolerating it well and he hopes that it will help with the stiffness in my arms and legs (cGvHD of the skin and soft tissues) .I am still having two ECP treatments every three weeks with the Solu-Medrol® IV.  I didn’t have the facial flushing last time but I did have a problem with insomnia the night after the treatment.I have another appointment in January with my GvHD doctor and a three year post BMT checkup in February.  Wow, has it been almost three years already?  I remember four years ago when I was putting up the Christmas tree, lights and decorations, and I was thinking that it would be my last time for doing all that.  I'm glad that I was wrong about that.  :-)Each new day presents challenges and new hope.  I just want to be faithful to God and use every second wisely.May God richly bless you with his peace, healing, joy and presence today.  Amen!
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