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Can't they kill characters off with anything other than cancer???

Posted Apr 01 2009 2:45pm

Just a quick little post about something that ANNOYS the CRAP out of me!

Every TV show, movie, book and bar prep course hypothetical kills people off with cancer! What is the deal with that? People die of all sorts of things so why, when the ratings call for a tear jerker do they have to give the big C diagnosis??? Its starting to drive me crazy, literally. I think "OMG is this an omen? A message from God? Do I have cancer again!?!

Just off the top of my head the shows whose characters have cancer are:

1) Greys Anatomy (Izzy)
2) Ugly Betty (Daniels new Love Interest)
3) Desperate House Wives (Lynette)
4) Scrubs (at least one of the patients in every episode)
5) Lost (Ben)
6) Christopher from Nip/Tuck
7) The little girl on Private Practice tonight
8) Weeds (Celia)
9) Sex & The City (Samantha)

Those are just a couple, please feel free to add to my list. I swear every time someone is sick on a tv show I say to Bryan, "How much you wanna bet its cancer"

I feel better already!
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