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can sinus infection be misdiagnoised for cancer on brain

Posted by faye c.

My sister went to the doctor for sinus infection. She was given augmentin. She did not get any better and went to a specialist. He did a cat scan on her face area and said it was a bad sinus infection and stay on the same medication.She did not improve and got worse. Her lips and teeth area got mumb where she can not hardly eat.

Her ears are stopped up,her back and both legs hurt so bad she can not move them or walk. She went to the hospital and got a full head cat scan and now they said she has two tumors and bleeding in her head.This all happened in two weeks time, where she was perfectly  well before this. Now she had to have platelets and blood tranfusion because they said her platelets were 32. Now they are saying she has cancer and will die soon and are not doing no treatment on her at all.They asked if she lost weight and she has not lost a pound and has no fever. What should she do now, seek another doctor or just die, because she  is geting worse.

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try to lowerr dosage  dr f mahommed email
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