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can ovarian cancer stop your periods

Posted by debbie

I have endometriosis had this for years i am 43 years old. I used to have very heavy periods. Two and a half years ago my periods became unusual one heavy one then the next very light then three months later a heavy on. Then they stopped completely. I have not had a period for two years just a slight show a few times. I went to the doctors who thought it was the menopause i reminded her i have endometreosis she sent me for a transvaginal scan. it showed i have two fibriods they think a cyst and a thick muscle in my womb. i am being referred to gyneocologist in for weeks time. i am so scared i have uterine cancer or ovarian cancer please help. THe lady that did my scan said she could not see any cancer but the next day the results were sent to my doctors and she rang me to tell me the results. why so quick
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Hi I hope everything works out for you. Keep a positive attitude and pray. That's what gets me through. Sometimes doctors call back immediately even for the smallest of problems. And always remember that uterine cancer and ovarian cancer arent death sentences, especially if caught in the early stages. God Bless you!

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