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can a adrenal adenoma be responsible for low thyroid requiring thyroid medication?

Posted by stsmom1331

As far as I know I do not have cancer, but I do have several other problems several abdominal surgery resulting in a permanent ostomy that is in an awful place and functioning poorly, but recently it was found that I have an adenoma (adrenal) not too large.  Then I had an EMG which showed I was having seizures unknown to me - they were strong enough that I was put on an aggressive step anti-seizure medication and I had blood work done at the same time I was started and it came back with low thyroid so the dr. repeated my blood work and again it was low so now she has started me on synthyroid 100, I should also tell you do to 12 abd. surgeries i have quite a bit of pain which is treated fairly effectively with a duragesic patch 25 ug and viocadin for break through pain (I still get horrible blockages)  I am a happy go lucky person who doesn't think of myself as sick I admit my days are difficult  but I'm here to enjoy my children no matter how bad my days are I still laugh and function,  is this too much????  my main question is can an adrenal adenoma have an adverse effect on thyroid?
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