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Calling all Uterus'

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:11pm

I woke up to a call from my oncologist.  Some would think this is worrisome, or upsetting, but not me.  My onc is amazing, I adore her.   She called me to make sure I got the results from the nurse yesterday.   Which I had and for those who missed my post yesterday, my CT results were normal and all is well.   I thanked her, as I know she was calling me from the first day of her vacation. 

I then asked her a question about my period.  For those  who don't know, I still have my uterus.  It was decided that because I have not had children yet and may want to in the future, to take my ovaries but leave the uterus.  With hopes that some day I may use it for invitro.  Since I still have a uterus and I am on a low estrogen birth control pill, I should still have some sort of withdrawal bleed.  I started this pill a year ago, and initially I got what resembled a normal period.  As months went by it because less and less and less.  My doctor assured me it was normal and not to worry. 

I informed my onc this morning that I have had no kind of period, nothing, for two months.  She responded "hmmm, nothing at all? It could be that the hormones are not enough to make you create a lining at this point."  She suggested I see a gynecologist, and have them  do a trial of higher progestin pills that could induce some sort of period.   She said "this would assure us that your uterus is healthy and still responsive to hormones."  I got so flustered that I said OK, took her orders and hung up the phone.

After thinking about it, I wonder two things: 1. will taking a higher does hormone pill increase the chances of cancer stimulation?  As I have been told that many cancers are hormone sensitive, hence the reason I am on the low dose pill.  2.  what if my uterus isn't responsive to this higher does....what if it doesn't work anymore?  What if I have somehow lost my uterine functioning?  Or, what if there is something unwanted growing inside???

Before we hung up, my doctor said to me "don't worry Jen, it's not Cancer, your tests are fine."  I am trying to remember those words and go with that.  So I called one of the gyno's who I saw pre-cancerstuff and made an appointment for Thursday to talk some of this stuff out.  I am just frustrated because last night I went to bed feeling relief for the moment that all tests were ok.  Today, though I am still grateful in knowing I am with NED, I am now annoyed about going forth to another doctor.  I just want things to remain as they are, to remain status quo, to remain stable, to be at ease.  I guess I am so happy to know my body is doing well right now, I don't to put anything in it that could potentially cause an upset. 

Anyone out there have a uterus to spare?

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