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Breast Cancer?

Posted by Joy

I have a small lump in my chest right beside my left breast which is very painful. It has been there for 2 weeks and I feel the pain when I breathe deeply of when touched.I am 31 yrs old.Do I have breast cancer?
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Breast cancer lumps are usually painless - but if the lump is still there, you shoudl have it checked by your doctor!

Share your story about your experience with genetic testing so you can help others. Your story may encourage, inspire and support others who are considering genetic cancer testing.

I had genetic testing after finding a malignant lump and two other areas of calcifications in my left breast when I was 44 yrs old. My first cousin had breast cancer twice before the age of 40 and found that she was BRCA2 positive. I wanted to know if I was BRCA positive before I had surgery so I could make the decision of having a bilateral mastectomy or just the left side. It also helped me to know because I was able to schedule another surgeon to give me an oophorectomy (take my ovaries out) during the same surgery. Having my ovaries out gives me a measure of protection against breast cancer recurrence.  I also had the Oncotype DX test to determine the agressiveness of the cancer and its probability of responding to chemo. My oncotype score was very high, at 37 making chemotherapy an absolute necessity.

I'm almost two years out from my diagnosis and so far so good. Because of my genetic mutation and high oncotype score I am seen by my oncologist every three months. It really does get easier with time. I'm able to go for good periods of time without thinking about recurrence now.

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