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BPA Ban in the Washington Post

Posted Mar 18 2009 9:30am
Ok. This is a really big deal. The Washington Post just published an article about the introduction of a bill to federally ban bisphenol A. (BPA)

Two years ago when I worked for the Breast Cancer Fund I’d meet people at cocktail parties and they’d say things like, “Everything causes cancer nowadays. Why bother trying?” It was sad because there are alot of suspected cancer-causing products on the market - bleach, PVC, etc. 

Environmental and chemical policy advocates have lobbied to get products containing suspected carcinogens off the market for years. They’re trying to stop the problem at the level of production. Because honestly, there really are a ton of bad chemicals and the general public usually doesn’t have the bandwidth to remember names like 1,4-Dioxane and Phthalates every time they go to buy shampoo and toothpaste.

The federal ban on BPA would set the precedent to remove other harmful chemicals from our world. In real terms, it means that we’d stop producing baby bottles that make kids sick and trigger early puberty. Really, how can you argue with that?

For more info visit:
Breast Cancer Fund
Environmental Working Group
The Daily Green

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