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Blader Cancer - TURBT & BCG Symptoms Q&A

Posted Jan 10 2009 6:57am

I got a contact viaWellspherewith some concerned questions. Susan P. from New York was not happy with the discomfort her husband was experiencing after a TURBT and some rounds of BCG therapy.She wrote, "My husband (age 59) was diagnosed April 2008 with Grade 3, T1 flat cell with CIS. He finished his last BCG November, 2008, but since April has never really felt better after BCG treatments. He is continually tired, burns during urination, severe lower back aches. Should the side effects from BCG have subsided by now?"

Keep in mind that I am not a doctor, and my firsthand experience with all this bladder cancer stuff is limited to a sample size of one - just me. I have readDavid's blog, who had the same diagnosis as I did at about the same age, successfully treated with BCG. And I have read some ofNeil's blog, who is older and had similar diagnosis, but has undergone radical surgery. So Susan, if you are reading this, a better forum to ask the question might be theBladder Cancer Webcafe, which has the benefit of hundreds of experiences - though the answers may be somewhat random. Here are the answers I gave to her questions based on my experiences and research...

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