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Bladder Cancer

Posted by Cindi

Anyone else out there with bladder cancer? I thought I had it beat but 2 years later it tried to beat me. I'm not giving up though and hope I've seen it for the last time.
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Hi Cindi

yes my friend has been suffering from bladder cancer.But noe she is very happy.she joined in training program that deals somanymajor problems.We know what it's like to worry about bladder control problems. If you have over active bladder or urinary incontinence that's not too severe, you'll find everything you need to relearn bladder control, improve bladder problems and manage urinary incontinence.

I had bladder cancer diagnosed in 1999. My bladder was removed and an internal pouch was made from part of my intestines. A small opening in my abdomen leading to this pouch enabled me to eliminate urine with the use of a catherter. One of the problems I had with catherization was that when you needed to cath, you needed to cath or you better have a change of clothing. I had infection after infection for a long time after the surgery but finally they eased off. Unfortunately I had problems with the internal pouch and now I must wear a bag. This is not bad. At least it beats the alternatives. I'm now starting my 11th year being cancer free. Eleven years being with my children and grandchildren and living long enough to meet and fall in love with my great granddaughter.

I had 3 tumors removed on July 15th. 2009 and have been checked 3 times since. My next cystoscope will be Dec. 15th 2010. We must keep on fighting this.


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