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Bladder Cancer - Getting Ready for BCG Treatments

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:19am
The written instructions from the Urology Clinic and on theBladder Cancer WebCafe Sitewere both pretty clear:
For maximum effect the solution should be instilled when the bladder is completely empty and remain in direct bladder contact for2 hours.

Patients are recommended to limit fluid intake for 8-12 hours, and to have no
fluid intake for 4 hoursbefore treatment is scheduled. Avoid direct skin contact during and after urinating as it may cause skin rash and irritation. You are advised to sit while urinating and to empty the bladder completely. Thorough cleansing of genital area and hands is advised.

The toilet must be neutralized of any live bacteria; this is done by pouring 2 cups of household bleach into the water and letting it stand for 15-20 minutes.

The bladder should be thoroughly flushed after BCG instillation by increasing fluid intake.


The documentation is pretty long on instructions and pretty short on practical matters. For instance, cleanse hands and genital area with what? Increase fluid intake from zero to what? Starting when?

Here's what I came up with to make the best of the situation...
CLICK HERE to read the entire post on my blog:

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