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Bladder Cancer - Eve of the Last Initial BCG Treatment (#6 of 6)

Posted Oct 26 2008 4:17pm

My BCG experience has so far been pretty mild. Certainly not on the level of ADR in England. And now he's sunning himself on a beach in the Azores today without a care in the world. So life does go on. What to expect for the last one? A quick instillation from Dr. Hopkins, followed by a pretty rough day of hydration and voiding.  It's not so much the physical pain or burning, but it's rough because you cannot sit for more than 15 minutes, or lie down for more than 30 - the last 5 of which are occupied with fidgeting and clock watching. And you have to sit to pee and do all the special biohazard handling, which can be tricky when you are in a hurry! Last time the side effects started 4 hours after instillation and lasted nearly 4 hours, the longest to date. But with the hydration regimen there's no extra physical discomfort, because there is plenty of fluid to clear everything out each time. There is a chance that tomorrow could last even longer, which means I shall have to keep up the 32 ounces per hour input/output pace perhaps even past 7 PM. Still, it's only one day of running to pee every 20-30 minutes, then hourly through most of the night. I wonder if all that counts as exercise? My bladder sure feels like it ...

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