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Bladder Cancer, BCG and granulomatous prostatitis. Tailbone pain. IBM Chemical exposure.

Posted Jun 26 2010 11:15pm

After having 11 tumors removed from my bladder in 3 surgeries over 18 months I decided to do the Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) treatments.   I believe my bladder cancer is from chemical exposure while I worked at IBM.   I worked with a petroleum byproduct which we used for a computer disk lubricant.   I never smoke cigarettes, which in known to be one of the main causes of bladder cancer. 

  After a few hours after my 5th treatment  of BCG I got a fever.  My urologist stopped treatment.  Within a few weeks I noticed pain in my tailbone area especially when I was sitting and getting out of bed in the morning.  Over the next   few months and   complaints to my urologist , he did a digital examination of my prostate.  He was concerned because it did not feel right and we followed up with a biopsy along with a PSA test.   PSA was found to be elevated.   It turns out somehow the BCG got into my prostate, I am assuming a direct invasion from the urethra during treatment.   This contamination caused extremely severe Granulomatous prostatitis, ( prostatic tuberculosis) .    In addition the biopsy also discovered a very small amount of cancer, stage 6.    I did not feel I had much of a choice but to have a r adical prostatectomy .   

  Since the operation 7 months ago I still have tailbone pain.    I had a bone scan and a MRI to see if anything abnormal could be found.   All test came back without any visible problem other than already known herniated disks.   It seems odd to me that the tailbone pain could be due to the pressure on the spinal cord and seemed initiated with the granulomatous prostatitis .  Has anyone had the spread of BCG ortuberculosis infection to other parts of their body, specifically the tailbone area or spinal cord?
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