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Birthday Wishes, to an Angel

Posted Apr 24 2009 11:48pm

My dearest Vivienne, little angel:

I love you, and I will always love you. Your coming into my world brought sunshine and joy for the first time, and the vivacity and intensity with which you lived - and lived well - has changed me forever.

My Vivienne, you taught me so much. You taught me to trust the people who care most (especially your Daddy, our knight in fairly dirty, patchouli and nicotine-stained leather armor). You taught me that a smile is a perfectly reasonable way to neutralize a bad situation. You taught me that a well-timed hug can solve almost any problem. You taught me to kick up my feet and laugh at the silliest things, even when the world seems a little dark. Above all, you taught me love, not just to say it or write it, but to feel it with every cell of my body, and show it with every action.

I am blessed to have known you. Instantly, from the moment you entered my world and I held you in my arms, I believed you were to0 good for me, and for the world. You had a mission, though, to make us all better - more patient, kind, loving and joyful. And I can tell you without reservation, dearest Vivi, that your mission was a success and therefore God called His small, perfect angel back to Him.

You may not be where I want you to be, here in my arms, on the way to Heaven's Gate Farm to see your new very own pony, but you are here in my heart at all times. No mother, nor any father, could love and adore their beloved daughter more. My soul knows that every breeze, and sunbeam, and raindrop, and spring flower, is an expression of your love for us (and ours for you).

Please, dearest beloved Vivi, protect your cousin Brodie, share with him your strength to manage adversity, and help his parents Joe and Sara to stay strong, always faithful and always protected.

Happy Birthday, my most dear.


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