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Beware of Compounding Pharmacy Thyroid Hormone Dispensing Errors

Posted Jun 24 2009 2:05pm 2 Comments
I do not recommend the use of compounding pharmacy
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Shame on the good doctor for such a cheap post.  Highlighting a single case study to condemn a profession shows not only a lack of understanding of the very profession he condemens but also a lack or the very nature og pharmaceutical preparation.  With a background in Infusion Pharmacy, Compounding, and Nuclear Pharmacy as well as having worked for a large sterile products manufacturer, I take offense at the post that seems to ignore all the success stories I could list where men, women, and children have all been treated thru my services with positive results.  Does the good doctor condemn all surgeons who operate on the wrong limb and advise his patients never to have any surgery.  Or how about the MD who treats hyperthyroidism only to obliterate the patients thyroid-should patients never seek treatment.  Or how about the Oncologists who improperly doses Vincristine, or how about name is Doc, I can go on and on.  PATIENTS-please research for yourselves how many drugs are recalled each year by manufacturers for errors in their processes.  This involves MILLIONS of doses of drugs.  Perhaps the Doc does not think this relevant.  He would rather highlight a single example of an error and ignore the millions of others.  Perhaps he has other reasons.....
sounds like this doc is in cahoots with Abbott.  Hoards of thyroid patients are not doing well on Synthroid but improve with natural hormones containing the full range of thyroid hormones that your body would produce naturally.
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