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Baseball and an Update

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:34pm

The Fam at the game

We had a good time on the baseball trip. It was very hot. The games were both exciting. The Cards won the last game with grand slam home run.

We've been doing this family trip for ten years. Every year I wonder if it will be Richard's last.

Richard did not get the improvement that he hoped for from the vertebroplasty. It did take away the pain shooting down his leg (radiculopathy), but he still has a lot of back pain.

Yesterday he went to restart his chemo but his WBC was too low so now will wait and see what his Mayo doctor says on Monday. Hopefully this is not the return of our friend CMV which could explain the neutropenia. His other counts, while low, have stayed steady.

WBC 1.7 (ANC 900)
Hgb 9.0%
Platelets 116,000

And then there's the whole warfarin situation......

His anticoagulation has been monitored for the last six months by an anti-coagulation clinic. He's been on Lovenox since before the vertebroplasty. He restarted his warfarin last week. He's still not theraputic on the warfarin (INR 1.3), so oncology office called him to increase his dose. The he got a call from the anti-coag clinic with different instructions.

IMHO, the oncology office wants to give him too much warfarin. They don't know his history. He metabolizes the warfarin very inconsistently and the anti-coag clinic know this. So we'll see what happens...
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