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Barium-drinking, realtime

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:10pm

11:13 - First sip. Orangey

11:15 - Had several sips. Now tastes vaguely like sucking on a wet mitten after eating an orange-flavoured hard candy.

11:17 - Hey, remember that orange-drink you used to get at school sports day, the stuff that McDonald's gave you for free? Yeah, I do.

11:21 - Shouldn't I be finished drinking the first half by now?

11:23 - I can't believe I have to do this all over again at 6:30 in the morning.

11:24 - I wish this came in beer flavour.

11:25 - Margot -- who doesn't understand the rules of the internet (you can't be Jane on the internet, Margot, because you are Jane in real life. Just like I am Louise here, but Alicia in real life) is coming to my CT scan with me tomorrow. She is going to hold my chocolate bar for me and she promised not to eat it. We discussed the benefits of beer-flavoured barium.

11:27 - Hurf.

11:29 - Tastes less orangey as I drink it and more wet-mitteny. Just like McDonald's orange drink.

11:30 - I'm calling my friend in Vancouver to complain about this.

11:31 - He wasn't there. I left a message.

11:33 - Once when I was wee, maybe 2 or even a little younger, I ate a mothball. My parents told me not to, but my best friend Renee told me they were scotch mints and that my parents didn't want us to eat them because they were on the ground. It tasted awful, and my mom and dad took me to the hospital. I drank some black stuff and then threw up some black stuff into a silver bowl. Apparently I got ice cream afterwards. I don't remember that part.

11:37 - I think this stuff is giving me a headache. Is that possible?

11:38 - If I didn't type so much, I'd probably be finished. But if I drank any faster, I'd probably be sick.

11:39 - Done. Until the morning.

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