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Bah! Revisited: 9 reasons why I knit

Posted Jan 17 2013 3:39am
Flicking back to see what I was doing in January 2009, it was lovely to find this post again. (I’m happy to say that my ability to photograph knitting has improved since….!)


1. My Grandma knitted. My mother, my aunts knit. I know knitting of old.

2. I can make things that no-one else has. I can choose the pattern, the yarn, the gauge, or make something up as I go along. Complete creativity. Complete control. (Joy might argue that these are also things that no-one else would want, but I let those go serenely by.) Here’s a scarf I’m working on.
Yes, it is different to the earlier scarf I showed you in this yarn. Another joy of knitting is that it doesn’t work out right, it’s easy to start again.
3. Knitting had brought me new friends, new skills, new patience. (I don’t knit because I’m patient. I’m patient (-ish) because I knit.)
4. When I spend hours in hospital waiting rooms, I have something to do that makes me feel I am not wasting my time or being sucked into being nothing more than a patient.
5. There is no better way to introduce a new person to the world than by giving them something made for them before they were even here.
6. Like crosswords, sudoku and stimulating conversation, knitting helps your brain stay fitter for longer.
7. You can knit all of the love and appreciation you have for someone into something, so that when they are wearing it, they are carrying that love and appreciation with them. Here are the mittens I knitted for Susan for Christmas, and every time I picked them up I thought about what a force for good she has always been in my life. (Apart from the bit when I realised I’d knitted two left mittens by mistake, and I wasn’t thinking any kind of a good thought then.)
8. You can knit yourself better when you need to. This is what I knit myself better with after all of the pea tests.
It’s a sock, not long after the heel turn. I’m liking this pattern and yarn so much that I’m even going to knit the other one.
9. You get moments like this. I knitted a doll for Evie for Christmas, but illness, holidays and diaries have meant that my first chance to give it to her was on Tuesday.
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