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Back at it again ~ consolidation chemo time

Posted Aug 19 2009 6:32pm
We are back at the hospital and the medical stuff again. I came on Monday and had outpatient bone marrow biopsy with sedation, a mid line placed in my arm and labs drawn. The biopsy went well, my left leg was radiating and hurting after procedure for a while, but that ended when they put the mid line, or a more permanent iv line in my arm. I have had alot of lines and alot of problems with those lines. My arms are very scared from the chemo and do not accept and open up for the lines to go in. Last time it was not an issue, but this time it was and it hurt and I could feel the line she was inserting hitting the veins. A second try and she got it in, but then she put the lumen's on and then two very tight bandages. I could feel she hit a nerve or something was wrong it hurt so much, so rest of the day I could not lift my arm and was pretty miserable. After leaving the hospital we got something to eat and went to hotel to sleep and ended up sleeping off all night and resting which felt great. The next day it was a little better but still tingling in my fingers and hurting. I had an apt with my oncologist and he said that my preliminary biopsy results showed that I was still in remission and it looked good, which is always a relief to hear. My blood counts are recovered and I am very healthy in that aspect until they start to fall again after this next chemo round.

I was admitted around 1 p.m. and chemo began at 3 p.m. with pre - meds and fluids, then a 10 minute push of chemo drug synesis and then a two hour iv drip of cytarabine, a second chemo I receive. Last night and this am I have had alot of nausea, but they give you something each time it comes back, I was finally able to eat a small amount of breakfast, seems like the nausea hit sooner this time - yuck.

I will be here for 5 days, last chemo Saturday afternoon and when it is done I am free to go home. I will work with my local oncologist to manage the side effects, transfusions, etc. at home and hope that I remain fever free and can stay out of my local hospital. My history is that I have always got a fever, but I am optimistic with all the antibiotics i will take, and me staying in the house except for doctor appts and minimal going out around people, I will be able to stay fever free and home.
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