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Attack of the Transient Ischaemia

Posted Dec 17 2010 12:00am

No it wasn’t a mugging by a de-oxygenated tramp.

Chris, the friend who came to Liverpool with me last Friday and who has been known to introduce me as her adopted daughter, had a TIA (transient ischaemic attack) commonly known as a mini stroke on Monday.  Don’t worry she’s fine – still a bit deer in the headlights stunned but basically fine.

On Monday Chris jollied off to her office cleaning job where she spends a few hours every week day morning.  (She has a law degree by the way – I don’t think it was a mandatory job requirement but I just felt the need to point that out particularly as someone, not me, once referred to her job as ‘a bog washer’ obviously I have referred to it as that a lot since.)

So there Chris was hoovering, or Henrying as she uses a Henry, one of the director’s office when she found that she couldn’t move her foot.  Her brain said move, her foot ignored, or I could say blanked, it.  Not one to draw attention to herself, Chris then attempted to carry on regardless even though she felt like she was dragging her leg – so attempted to unobstrusively drag her foot and the Henry down the corridor.  She did make it through her work and made it home where it was then decided it might be a good idea to go to the local Walk-in Centre.  They said they thought it was a TIA and she could either go home and make an appointment with her GP or go to the hospital, which was what they would recommend.

After a night in A&E she got a bed on a ward and stayed in until Wednesday during which time she had numerous blood pressure and temperature takings and a scan.

Said scan revealed that there was no damage to Chris’s brain which was received with mixed feelings.  You see she has always wanted a brain tumor*, for more years than I have known her and that’s slightly more than 20 years, so much so that her husband asked her if she was disappointed.  Mind you since she turned 60 Alzheimers has taken pole position with the thought that plently of mini strokes could get her on the way there.  In fact for years we (I found out I was classed as family after she shouted at me for being late about 16 years ago) have known that when Chris has a stroke and was immobilised it was one blink for yes and two blinks for no, or was it two blinks for no and one blink for yes – well it was one or the other.  In fact there’s been quite a few illnesses mentioned over the years – I’m not saying Chris is a hypochondriac – just typing it!

There has been a pain behind Chris’s left ear, just at night, for at least ohhhh four years which the GP attributed to rheumatism as a bunch of nerves all meet up at the point in question.  Chris however has never been completely satisfied that this was the reason, and had only said the other week that the only reason she didn’t go back to the doctors was because she knew they would sent her for an MRI – which she had once and said was the worse thing EVER!  So when I went for mine, and being slightly claustrophobic I was a little windy – however due to the wind blowing through and keeping my eyes closed it was a doddle. 

The doc Chris saw at the hospital yesterday said to just carry on as normal, the one she saw today said the same except for driving… no driving for a month.  So it was just as well she got her appointment today as we were supposed to be going to a  nativity in the town centre tonight and it had crossed my mind that I didn’t want to be part of a local newspaper headline that read…

Two women killed in road traffic accident after one has stroke at wheel, completely tragic as passenger was in complete remission from myeloma

especially if it involved a bus!

 * I know that someone who visits here may have one she’d like to give away, so if you read this and could get it fed exed here, preferably gift wrapped, by Christmas that would be great.

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