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Posted Jan 14 2009 6:32pm
The technical term for the fluid in Vivienne's abdominal cavity (the peritoneum ) is ascites. There are a few most common causes of ascites:
  • Cancer in abdominal organs or cavity (ruled out),
  • Livery failure (ruled out),
  • Kidney failure (ruled out).

We are now left with some of the less common causes, and brainstorming hard while reviewing the chart and labs to consider which (if any) may be our culprit:

  • Some causes are listed by Wikipedia, but the doctors aren't proposing these as likely.
  • An infection of the intestinal wall was mentioned - I have to go back and get the name because I can't remember. Early reviews of the ultrasounds indicate that this is unlikely, but the final report should rule it out.
  • Otherwise, the doctors are stumped.

Interestingly, Proto-Indo-Europeans believed Ascites to be the gods punishment for oath-breaking, with the Kassite dynasty issuing the following curse on oath-breakers: "MayMarduk,king of heaven and earth, fill his body with dropsy,which has a grip that can never be loosened". The doctors don't seem particularly concerned about the influences of Marduk, so I have bemusedly set that out of mind.

In other news, Vivienne's fever was significantly lower last night and her ANC is 100 this morning. She had a hard time getting to sleep because she was hungry but not permitted to eat, but some Benadryl helped and she has continued to rest comfortably and sleep deeply since. She is having some funny dreams, I think - sometimes smiling, sometimes raising the area where her eyebrows would be (they have fallen out), sometimes sticking out her tounge.

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