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are there any natural treatments for Myelodysplastic syndrome?

Posted by megpren

My Grandpa is 80 years old. He has tried two types of chemo drugs without success. His blood count is still very low. He has to receive platelets about 2 to 3 times a week. I was wondering if anyone knows of any natural supplements or remedies available to deal with this disease?


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I recently did extensive research on Essiac and Flor-Essence (as I mentioned in another post). It's an herbal tea and has quite an impressive history with cancer. Don't know if it will work for your gf but it's worth a try. Do a search for "Rene Caisse" - she was a Canadian nurse who used this remedy on thousands of people. The medical community looks down on it but from the info I discovered there seems to be something to it.


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