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Are my guts still in there?

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm
I am pretty sure that yesstday was one of the hardest days of my life. It took every ounce of me to keep from breaking down.

Doctor appointment was for 8:30. Nick and I left the house around 7:40. I hate being late to appointments...well needless to say after getting gas & being stuck in traffice for about ant hour we were fortunate that I was still able to get in to see Dr. Rab (team slavik). We called while stuck in traffice & they said to still come on in...I was so ready to reschdule at this point. Well things at the appointment went well other than I was burning up and my g-tube was leaking all over. Uhh talk about gross! I had left a VM for Liz who is likr the head coordinator for cancer patients about this lovely tube & she came in when I was at DR Rabs and said that she had fit me in to see the dr who had put mt tube in. So back over to the healtchare reform room I went. By this time Nick was late to work and I was alone. Luckily Ruthie came to save the day. After waiting about an hour I was seen by the DR and he wanted me to get a CT. So I headed over to radiology to drink down 2 huge 450 ml bottles of barium. YUCK! Then I had to wait 2 hours before I could get CT. They saw my port id band & tried that for the contrast...but it was still too puffy for the nurse to get it in. Luckily she got the IV in on the first try. After the CT was done I headed back to the closed for the evening Obama inspired office. Luckily there was sill a nurse there and she called the doctor back in from the hospital across the street. He came in after reveiwing the scans and decided that everything looked good. He did want to loosen the plug of the peg. Of course I knew this was going to hurt..but in no way was I prepared for what was coming. I am pretty sure he pulled my guts out. I criend for a while afterwards and wished Nick was there. Thankfully Dad & Ruthie were there but I felt like when I was squeezing Ruthies hand when I was getting my tube loosened, I would break her hand! It was brutal. I am still recovering...I am now on double the pain pills and an antibiotic perscribed mrom my Chemo guy just to make sure.

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