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Any good advice for people with thyroid cancer (and subsequently no thyroid) for getting back into shape?

Posted by robs723 Patient Expert

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Getting back into shape is tough!  I tried doing everything the same, but I was undermedicated - only 90mg (1.5 grains) of Armour Thyroid (dessicated pig hormone) - for 5 years.  I felt ok, but could never loose more than a few of the 45 pounds I gained within 3 months of surgery.  In 2009, Forest Labs changed the formula for Armour Thyroid and I almost died.  I'm not the only one who suffered, per (STTM).  I learned about the change on STTM, and got my doc (who had no idea about the change) to Erfa Thyroid from Canada.  Another option is Naturethyroid.  Within 3 days of taking Erfa it was like the light came on!  It took several months to get warm enough, stop the muscle cramps, and other nasty hypo symptoms.  BTW, without a thyroid you are now HYPOthyroid, whether you wanted it or not.  Finally, I changed docs in 2010 and she couldn't believe how low my dose was.  My old doc had undermedicated me based on TSH labs and that just isn't right for thyroidless.  I'm taking Iodoral (iodine/potassium iodide) plus 180 mg (3 grains) of Erfa and finally have been able to loose 22 pounds so far.  I have more energy and have been able to walk and lift weights again!  I've learned a lot about nutrition and how to care for myself cause it's obvious that allopathic docs never learned "wellness" in med school.  Thank goodness for docs who buck the system!
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