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Another Surgery = More Pain

Posted Dec 11 2008 9:18pm
Shawndra is experiencing a lot of pain from this surgery. The doc mentioned that he had to "move things around" to access her stomach. There were many adhesions to contend with as well. Luckily, Dr. Morgan arrived early this morning to change the pain delivery to a continuous drip. An infectious disease doctor visited this evening to address her fever. It spiked to 103 just about an hour ago... arghhh, just another hurdle, but seriously... how much can one person tolerate? True to her spirit, she is a fighter.

For those of you that continue to feed our family, thank you! It's nice to have food readily available. I think I've dropped five pounds this week, mostly due to erratic eating schedules (not depression).

It's highly unlikely we'll be home this weekend, but perhaps early next week. Gary and I had not planned on bringing Ella up to see mommy tonight, but as soon as I pulled into the parking lot, she recognized the building and said "daddy, I want to see mommy". She told me she would be real quiet, as not to wake mommy. She said she wanted to sing mommy two songs: ABCD and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Mommy awakened with a big smile and sang to Ella the ABCD song. Then Ella sang to mommy the other. I hadn't cried all day (first in a week), but that, my friends, was just too much. What a little angel.

- Doug
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