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Another Choice For Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients

Posted May 23 2010 5:05pm


  Provenge has just been approved by the FDA. Provenge constrains the individuals own immune system to combat the cancer through a reaction called active cellular immunotherapy.

The new drug gives faith to men and their families. The new drug can possible lengthen and enhance the nature of life from those men enduring advanced prostate cancer. Patients should see their medical practitioner to see if they are a possible choice for this new medication.

There is a extensive need for more choices and understanding about the situation of men with advanced prostate cancer. Men's Health Network, a non profit organization is very inspired for the approval of Provenge. It gives men another step forward to their goal with another treatment option being discovered. This now gives men the chance to discuss with their medical practitioners about this new treatment to prolong and enhance the quality of their life. As of 2009 approximately 192,000 men were afflicted with prostate cancer.

Alternative medicines have advanced dramatically in regard for the past few decades. Advanced prostate cancer has a major long term despondency, there is an increased interest in alternative forms of therapies t o better the result of patients who have reoccurring or advanced prostate cancer while avoiding the need of more toxic therapies.

Alternative Therapies:

Mind and Body Treatment

Relieves stress and side effects of treatments by extending psychological and spiritual therapies by the applications of meditation, hypnosis and imagery.


Done by observing and conveying patients heart rate, body temperature and other biological considerations to understand and change body functions that normally react by nature.


Concentrating one's thoughts on a particular goal. One goal would be to heal and decrease pain level.


To teach patient breathing and relaxation techniques.


Surgery, radiation and chemo therapy have adverse effect on musculoskeletal system which brings on pain along with stiffness in the joints and muscles. Some techniques used may include Cox, Diversified and Motion Palpation.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture treatments to improve the circulation and energy in prostate. Chinese herbs such as He Shou Wu to replenish the kidneys.


To help formulate a proper diet. Included in diet may be reduction of fatty acids, large increase in fruits, vegetables and herbs which contain strong anticancer nutrients which can be found in colorful fruit, nuts, leafy green vegetables and berries.


Homeopathic medicine does help to control the disease. Some remedies used can include: chimapilla, umbellata and clematis.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic therapists use a variety of natural to reduce side effects from cancer treatments. Some of the therapies used include hydrotherapy, natural therapies such as garlic, herbs and botanical preparations and deep muscle massage therapy.

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