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And the Saga Continues...

Posted Oct 16 2009 10:03pm
Sorry for no updates lately... I've been playing the waiting game and while doing so, been keeping myself really busy so I don't have time to think about it! More on that to come... As for the SGN-35 drama the latest is; the pathologists at the SCCA went ahead and tested what was left of my tumor in Seattle. It seems like my people in Seattle are now collaborating with my people in Detroit which is great. The reason why they wanted to test it for CD30+ in Seattle before sending it to the independent pathology company (Covants?) is because they wanted to make sure that they only send Covants CD30+ slides as not to confuse them... Well, turns out apparently they (SCCA) were able to find more CD30+ in my leftover tumor! I just don't know how much they found and if it's going to be enough to satisfy Covants. So, the wait continues but at least the wheels are turning and I have a chance. Hoping to find out early next week what direction I'm going to be taking as far as continuing my treatment. Once I find out, I'll of course post the info.

As for my extracurricular activities... This summer has been great (besides the obvious!). I've been playing golf, going to ballgames, fishing, bike riding, hanging out with friends and doing a lot of sleeping! The sleeping is probably because my energy level is nowhere like it used to be which is why I don't think I could go back to work right now. Plus, I still have to take painkillers for my back and they just exasperate my low energy. That said, I still manage to whoop it up the best I can and grateful for every day that I'm able to get out and enjoy myself! The thing I'm really working on is trying to sustain a light hearted attitude... It's so difficult, I can be out enjoying myself for a while (actually forgetting that I have refractory cancer) and then all of the sudden, I get a dropped stomach feeling and I remember my reality. It's such a heavy weight to have to carry around with me all of the time... I wish I knew how to just leave it in a hidden vault but have realized that's not possible and just do the best that I can. Maybe as time goes by, I'll get better at controlling it (actually, I think I have gotten better) but I'm not going to worry about it as I think what I'm feeling is pretty normal...

Anyway, today is another beautiful day and I plan on celebrating by going out fishing downriver in Wyandotte MI with my buddy Eddie. Hoping for some Walleye, Pike or maybe even a Muskie! Even if we get skunked, it's just great being out on the water. Maybe I'll have a fish tale to tell next time ;)


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