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An update on aspirin and myeloma

Posted Feb 03 2014 3:54am

A couple of years ago, when I began preparing my “Good or bad for myeloma” Page ( ), I decided to add aspirin to the list of stuff that is possibly “bad” for myeloma because it seems to increase our TNF alpha levels (see my 2011 aspirin-myeloma post for more info: ).

But, as I found out while doing research for the aspirin post, a couple of other studies showed that aspirin also reduces COX-1 and COX-2 levels…Ahhhh, confusing. Back then I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with aspirin but made the choice to put it on the “don’t take” list…

Well, I have some new information on aspirin that has made me rethink my position. A few blog readers recently directed my attention to Dr. Durie’s recent post on aspirin. Well, it seems that aspirin MIGHT REDUCE the risk of developing myeloma:  An excerpt from Dr. Durie’s post: A key question is: “Can aspirin use reduce or prevent the activation of MGUS or smoldering myeloma into full blown myeloma?” A tantalizing question indeed!  Carefully designed prospective studies are definitely warranted. I couldn’t agree more!

In the meantime…I wonder if MGUS and SMM folks should consider taking aspirin on a daily basis…My only concern would be for those of us who take a lot of curcumin, which, like aspirin, is supposed to have blood-thinning properties…Although I should note that I personally haven’t had any trouble in that sense (= with blood-thinning, I mean)…but then, we’re all different and therefore react differently to the exact same substance…So it’s definitely something that I’d be cautious about and would discuss with my doctor…

Your thoughts? 

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