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An email from Colette

Posted Apr 02 2013 12:00am

Being public about my dance with cancer can have low moments. It’s depressing to be misconstrued, and sometimes it’s hard to be supportive of others without getting sucked in to grief and difficulties that I can’t help with.

But these things are nothing compared to the positive messages and stories that come my way. It’s one of the lovely things about putting the old breast cancer out there (as it were).

For example: a little while ago I had this, from Colette. It will surely lift your heart as much as it lifted mine.


I had a very strange thought the other day ….. what would I say to someone who asked me what I would change if I could turn the clock back. My answer would have to be …. although there were some pretty desperate and dark times I don’t think I would change a thing. I have come out the other end of the tunnel a stronger person – I have learned to be assertive (you have to be with oncologists, after all!!) I re-discovered my sense of humour (and of the ridiculous) and have become involved with things I would not have dreamed of doing due to the pressure of a job I loathed (I’m even grateful to them for making me redundant in July 2010 …. 4 months before my diagnosis!).  I have become a Parish Councillor, Governor of a local NHS Mental Health Foundation Trust, joined several local committees and a couple of local amateur dramatic societies (appearing in ‘Acorn Antiques the Musical’ in May and directing ‘Blithe Spirit’ for a production later in the year) ….. that’s enough to be going on with!! The reconstruction was successful (LD flap) and I am currently attending regular appointments to have the implant expanded – if you saw the episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys and the inflatable bra you’ll understand why I get the giggles at every appointment! A bit more surgery to come but, hey, in the grand scheme of things that’s nuffink!


Thank you, Colette.

Hey, all of us: let’s not stop telling each other the good stuff.

April 2, 2013
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