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alternative medicine got tongue and throat cancer,already had chemo cannot take anymore

Posted by frangarrett

Has Trak in throat had cancer been in remission for 10 years it has come back. Cannot take any more chemo, what is an alternative that can help
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Hi ! visit my profile,there isĀ information there that may help you.
MRI guided High Intensity focused ultrasound might be worth investigating.This can be done without invasive surgery and you are free to go home within an hour or so. The best thing about this type of treatment is if they miss a few cells you can go back as often as required in order to mop up the rest.It works on a focal point inside the body where sound waves are concentrated to heat up and kill the cells, it is very accurate.

China is leading the field but we have it available in the U.K. at St Mary’s Hospital London and possibly more places.
There are a few herbal treatments that I can suggest to you that are quite helpful.  Let me know if you are interested. 
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