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All right, the biopsy came back ...

Posted Nov 15 2009 10:01pm
All right, the biopsy came back clear. No cancer. Even though we work at not worrying, it's impossible to completely stifle your feelings that something could be wrong so, when you get good news like this well, you can't help feeling relieved.

Glenda got the call while I was at school. She told me when I got home. The smile on her face and the happiness in her pretty blue eyes told me how the weight of the possibility it could be cancer had been lifted off her shoulders. She's a brave trooper and keeps telling me she doesn't worry.

"It is what it is," she says. I agree with her but deep down I know she worries. It's in her nature to worry. Besides, she has time to think about things that could happen. I'm busy with classes and homework so some of the concern is moved aside for a while. Glenda is home all day and doesn't have the luxury of distraction.

On another note, Dad went for a checkup. A mark on his forehead was checked and found to be cancerous. It was removed this last week and they got it all. Thankfully, it was the kind of cancer that doesn't spread and is easy to treat. Now he has a cool scar on his forehead.

I told him the wrinkles will hide it.

He said that when they closed it up, the skin was pulled up and one eye is open more than the other. Sort of half a face lift. Now he can give the girls the eye.

We're just glad he's cancer free. Getting the Beast at his age wouldn't be a good thing.

Two weeks into this Sutent cycle has my feet feeling more tender than usual. Sneakers help soften the ground some but when I take them off at home, the sores make it hard to walk around the house. Once I sit though, the pain goes away.

My mouth is messed up again. Can't even eat hot food because it feels as if I am eating hot salsa. There are some tender spots in my mouth. So, I am forced to eat cool or warm foods. Not that it tastes any better. Just don't burn so much.

My tongue feels as if it was sanded down. Anything I eat makes my taste buds convulse. That's the only way I can describe it. It's something you have to experience to understand.

The scan in December will tell us if the Sutent is still working. I will also be requesting the annual bone and brain scans. Until then, we continue to take life with kidney cancer one day at a time.
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