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All is well

Posted Mar 18 2010 11:30am
On Tuesday, my blood test was very good, I had six more immunization shots 
(three in each arm - Ouch!), a monthly pentamidine treatment, and a BMT doctor visit.

There were four nurses in the little area with me, all six needles were laid out on a tray, two more nurses walked in and then another nurse stuck her head in the room and said, "What?  Does it take six nurses to give this patient a shot?"  Ha! Ha!  No.  It only takes one nurse to give me a shot, the other five nurses are there just to hold me down.  ;-) 

Graft verses Host Disease (GVHD) update;
Skin - Warm feeling at times, a red spot or two sometimes
Stomach - Sore occasionally, very noisy and active digestion
Skeletal - Swelling around tendons in hands and wrists, hurts a little when making a fist or stretching fingers outward, soreness along back bones.

A little GVHD is a good thing.  It means there is a higher chance of graft verses leukemia and  a lower chance of relapse.
It hasn't slowed me down very much.
I'm trying to get a job and get off disability.

Doctor said to stretch and increase exercising efforts.  Not tapering immunosuppressant drug (Prograf®) at this time due to continued GVHD symptoms

Hope you are having a great day!  God is good!

Thank you to Mary for making business cards for our Relay For Life team:  For the Love of Pete
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