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Posted Mar 13 2010 2:02pm
' Your blood count is still low, you're going to need another transfusion' said Dr P. That's OK but with Jane's veins, the search for an adequate vain is usually impossible and that's exactly what happened at the hospice the other day. One bag went in very slowly then the vein collapsed and that was that.
We went back to see Dr P on Thursday and it was agreed that we should explore the possibility of a Hickman Line which would mean no more needles. Anything is better than being stabbed to death in the hand for no result. Also, due to Jane's continual pain in her legs and the MST not appearing to be working, a change of pain killer was prescribed. She started it on Friday so standby for an update on that one.
All things considered, Jane is not doing too badly. She still finds it difficult to walk any distance and gets easily frustrated and emotional when things don't go so well. She is insisting on cooking a chicken dinner tomorrow (mother's day) as the whole family are in situ (James is back from a 3 week holiday in Korea before he returns to base).
Should I dare sneak out for a quick game of golf whilst she's cooking ?
It would be a brave move indeed...... lol

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