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All Hail Ra

Posted Jun 10 2011 2:46pm
I know it's been too long since my last post!

I've got lots to discuss and I'm short on time right now, but I wanted to share an interesting "Science Daily" article that I just found.

It states
The researchers demonstrated that B-cells are deficient in one of the main DNA repair pathways, known as Nucleotide Excision Repair. This pathway repairs a lot of different DNA lesions, including UV-induced damage and chemical adducts (e.g. from air pollution and cigarette smoke). Their model therefore explains why strong UV exposure (e.g. unprotected sun bathing) is the number one environmental risk factor for lymphoma and also supports the evidence that exposure to air pollution and smoking are also risk factors.
Dr Nouspikel said: "Lymphoma is one of the ten most frequent cancers in adults in the UK, and the third among children. If we want to come up with efficient strategies for prevention and therapy, it is crucial to understand what causes it. The novel mechanism we have discovered potentially accounts for the development of many different types of lymphoma. It may also explain why strong exposure to sunlight is the main environmental risk factor for this cancer."

This supports my theory than sunlight may cause mutations (specifically cytosine deamination to uracil in RNA) that cause HCL!  Likewise, it reinforces my hypothesis that the reason they can't sequence my hairy cell DNA is because there is a mutation in my DNA corresponding to the primer they're using which the DNA repair enzymes either failed or don't attempt to repair.
I've got lots more to talk about, like mcl-1 inhibitors and new data at 15 weeks after my last Rituxan treatment that supports my Rituxan-related late onset neutropenia (LON) hypothesis, but it'll have to wait until I have more time.  I'm still waiting to get my latest flow results.

There was a huge Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) 2 days ago that spanned half the surface of the sun, so wear sunscreen!


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