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All Clear on number 4!

Posted Aug 21 2009 12:39pm
Great news! Yesterday I had my 4th chemo and got the test results of my all my scrans from Monday, hallejuhah they were all clear with the exception of course of the cyst on my ovary that we are watching and taking care! It does appear that I have arthritis in most of my body, is that old age or can I blame this on the chemo.. surely it has to be the cancer, the chemo or something.. I'm only 39 right Tina? LOL

It does seem like the 4th chemo went very fast and I made some new friends who happen to be from Batesville or all places. Fred and Anna, she was there to get a treatment for Hogkins Lymphoma I beleive she said. They acutally live right around the corner from me. And I got an email address from Stepanie another breast cancer survivor because her treatments are changing and I may not see her again in treatment, but we plan on meeting up at the Race for the Cure in October. It's always great making new friends but I surely my the ones I had already are the ones who make is so easy to go through all this and so again I have to say thank you to them.

Jimmie brought me down to chemo and stayed with me taking naps in his truck and then took me to Chili's where he fed me and handed me off to Angella who brought me back to his house of the haven and Jmmmie says, "my bed and breakfast". Brent, Angella's fella, a very sweet guy, was able to meet us at Chili's as well. He was my hero the first trip I had to make to Little Rock to see Dr. Hagans when we had that huge ice storm. Angella was going to take me and Brent came to our rescue, and we certainly were happy to see him! So I salute my hero's Jimmie and Brent and I am eternally grateful for Angella and her continuous friendship for the past almost 7 years now.

Back at the river house I relaxed, enjoyed sitting out on the porch swing watching the river, soaking in that big ol tub and watching the American Idol results show. Our Arkansas boy is still in the race and now it's going to be even harder because I think the four that are left are very good and they will most likely have wonderful music careers regardless of who wins the title.

Well I'm getting rained on out here on the porch this morning so I'm retreating to the house, a shower, a cup of coffee and then unfortnately, pack up and back to Batesville to take my Nuelasta shot and then get back to the work grind. I'm happy.. I'm satisified and I'm so grateful that even though cancer does suck.. therer is truely a light at the end of the tunnel.. so if you can't see it in the begginng.. just keep looking.. you'll see it.. OHHHH I'M GETTING WET.. HANG ON LAPTOP..
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