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After OMG2013 :: Living Busy Everyday

Posted May 02 2013 2:07pm

With super highs, can come super lows.


The OMG! Cancer Summit for Young Adults is a unique event. It gathers hundreds of young adult cancer warriors, advocates, healthcare professionals and caregivers with one goal – to connect. And as most would agree, the connection happens. Relationships, trust and love grow quickly and unexpectedly at times at OMG2013. A few short days go by and we have to say goodbye to our new friends and family.


So, now what?


Entering your non-OMG world can be hard. As some of you have shared, the non-OMG world is rough. We wanted to share a few tips to help you transition back and move you forward in your own cancer journey.



Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Stupid Cancer Forums, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Hangout, Skype, ichat, facetime, Tango, WhatsApp, gchat, text, call or meet up, you can re-connect with your OMG family. We know some of these can be less personal, but still keep the thread and voice alive. We have found Google Hangout to be really effective for meetings and are sure that you can use it to connect and see your new friends. Stay in touch and know your reaching out not only helps you, but the person on the other end just as much.



You are a strong and important person, not only in the cancer community, but also in your life. You have survived (or are currently surviving) a life changing disease and event, and trying to navigate what it means to you to ‘get busy living’. We hope you can turn a negative into a positive and give yourself a pat on the back for attending OMG in the first place. “You done good,” as some would say.



By telling just one person about Stupid Cancer we increase our voice by 100%. Stupid Cancer is dedicated to empowering those impacted by cancer.


(1) Host a dinner party with non-cancer people and tell them your story and how they can help.


(2) Go to a happy hour and wear a Stupid Cancer piece of swag to open a dialogue.


(3) Call your local hospital and see if the young adult patients need a friendly volunteer.


(4) Commit to a Stupid Cancer fundraiser in your community to ensure programs like OMG happen again next year.


Any or all of these actions will help you feel empowered and involved.


We, the OMG2013 Steering Committee, took on these roles knowing full well that OMG doesn’t end when the lights come down and the tables are folded and put away. We want to see the spirit of OMG last throughout the year and to that end, we are here for you.


Reach out to any of us; give us your ideas and your suggestions, your successes and failures when it comes to getting by in the post-OMG world. And if this all seems like too much for you to handle, we encourage you to tell your support network, seek professional help or make an appointment to see your doctor.


You are not alone, one of the many gifts Stupid Cancer provides.


Much love,


2013 OMG! Cancer Summit Steering Committee
Erica Mlot
Jen Stewart
Melinda Hood
Melissa Weiss
Scott Slater
Thea Linscott

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