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Afinitor Chronicles, Ch. 3

Posted May 25 2010 12:00am
Thanks for all the emails, messages and comments of support. This rough patch of road seems to be coming to an end. Hopefully it will get smoother with each passing day until we can coast freely. MJL

Whew man! When I started the Afinitor, we were concerned over the lack of side effects. Then, when I finally broke out in a rash across the back, we were thinking that it was finally beginning to work.

I sure hope that's the case because I haven't been able to take anymore Afinitor. After the bronchitis and the pleurisy cleared up, an Afinitor induced cough hit with a vengence. Then I broke out in hives in my armpits.

I was only able to take one 28 day cycle of Afinitor.

Turns out hives are an indication of an allergic reaction to Afinitor. They were cleared up easily with Aveeno lotion in just a few days.

It also means I can't continue on Afinitor.

The cough has stuck with me like a leech. It keeps sucking the life out of me, leaving me exhausted and hurting from all the coughing. We tried everything. We called the onc who precribed all sorts of remedies to no avail.

Cough medicine with codiene would knock me out. I would sleep like a baby coughing all night unaware that my poor Glenda was unable to sleep for the noise. The onc prescribed a cough suppressor.

It did nothing to cure the cough and was intended to just well, suppress it. I wanted it fixed so that I could get back on the chemo and resume kicking cancer butt. Suppressing it was not an option.

After a few weeks I felt like Rocky Balboa after the first fight when Micky would tell him to stay down. Your whole body hurts but you have to get up and keep going. My chest muscles ached from all the contractions. Every cough brought cramps in the neph incision and I was forced to jump to my feet to stretch it.

As I stretched, the muscles on the back side would cramp. The cough would start up and I would start hacking and coughing, finally swearing as loud as I could. All Glenda could do for me was sit on the couch. She tried rubbing out the cramps a few times but it was temporary and soon, I was back cursing like a pro.

Before Afinitor, Glenda would mad dog me because she thought I spent too much time on the computer. Most of the time, I was facebooking but she doesn't like technology very much so I imagine she thought I was cyber-sexing with some nubile young creature who could rock my world.

Huh, at my age, if you start rocking anything, it's time for a nap.

I didn't have the strength or the desire to get on the computer for any amount of time. Emails went unchecked and I even ignored phone calls. If I managed to muster the energy to sign on, it would last a few minutes before I tired and signed off. The recliner and the bed got plenty of usage this weekend.

A friend suggested that the cough may be caused by post nasal drip. Glenda mentioned that she noticed I kept clearing my throat. We went to our local Walgreens and bought a box of Sudafed.

It worked! The cough has eased and today I feel better. I'm still weak from all the effects of the coughing and such but I guess my recovery is about 50% over yesterday.

We're still taking it easy. I feel better but weak. This recovery will go slow to make sure it sticks. I doubt we'll go back on the Afinitor after what it's done to me. Dr. T said we could always go back on the Sutent but we also discussed Nexavar so we will see what the next scan shows.

Today, Glenda saw I am on the computer. She actually said she is glad to see back on. Guess the cough had its uses after all.
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